Operationen und Kooperationen

39. Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof
Donnerstag, 15.6. bis Sonntag, 18.6.2006

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Recent Exhibitions include:

The 2nd Nordic Jewellery Triennale, Gothenburg, tour

KORU 1, Finland
'Swedish Jewellery', Gallerie Marzee, Holland
SOFA New York

'orgold', Flow, London and Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

'200 rings and 100 brooches', Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco, tour
 'orgold', Ruthin Craft Centre, Denbighshire

Public Collections
The Arts and Crafts Museum
 Copenhagen Statens Kunstfond Copenhagen
 The Museum of Danish Jewellery
Castello Hansen, (Göteborg)
You may close your eyes but please do not fall asleep

(Vortrag am Freitag, 16.6. 9.30 Uhr)

'At the moment I believe that it is impossible to understand jewellery by the means of words. I regard jewellery to be a purely visual and tactile media defined by it's phenomenology and as such only capable of communicating symbolically.
  Jewellery is it's own explanation. If I have to say something about jewellery it must be via a metaphor.
  A piece of jewellery is like a keyhole situated in the wall of understanding ourselves. Looking through into and across time and culture.'

Castello Hansen

1965 Born
1989-93 Goldsmith at Ole Lyngaard Aps Hellerup, Denmark
1975-78 MA Jewellery RCA, Royal College of Art, London
2004- Professor in Jewellery Art. HDK. Gothenburg, Sweden