Operationen und Kooperationen

39. Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof
Donnerstag, 15.6. bis Sonntag, 18.6.2006

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Angela Rui. Pordenone, 1980. With a Degree in Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano, she has attended several workshops in contemporary art and body expression. Designer and researcher, she works as a freelancer with a particular focus at the emotional involvement in the creative process, at projects as language, at objects as physical form of thoughts. In 2004, she has founded Creolo with Edoardo Perri.

Edoardo Perri, founder of Todomundo and director of Edope designlab, has a Degree in Design at the Politecnico di Milano and five years experience in consulting and facilitating leading companies towards design innovation and new products’ development. He further developed his conceptual thinking abilities at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Design Academy Eindhoven. Beside his independent activity as freelance designer and educator, he has been initiating in the last years several design researches and initiatives within the fields of sustainable design and the creative crafts. Constantly in the search for a routine of his own, he is keen on addressing common configurations of forms, materials and habits for raising inspiring problematics.

Viale Sarca 2
I - 20125 Milano
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Edoardo Perri & Angela Rui

Sat. 17.06.06 11h
Lecture - CREOLO: products with a view

We live in a traffic of cultures where local messages, meanings and formal expressions are globally crossing each other following ways out of traditional logics.
We see more and more often hybrid phenomena using a modern syntax and an archaic lexicon.
Can products play a part in the creation of a multicentric yet shared language?
And can we design new artefacts that do not suppose an idea of identity as container but as space for communication and exchange?
Starting from looking at how traditional products are intrinsically linked to their native context, we will be searching for ways of letting objects travel through this traffic of cultures.

Sat. 17.06.06 dinnertime
Performance – FOODCRAFT

“Speak as you eat” addresses proverbly the attitude of the ‘eating’ action to describe the eater self. Let’s then explicitly express ourselves by eating, through the food we eat.