Operationen und Kooperationen

39. Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof
Donnerstag, 15.6. bis Sonntag, 18.6.2006

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Evert Nijland, (Amsterdam)
(Vortrag am Donnerstag, 15.6. 16.30 Uhr)

With this talk I hope to introduce you to my work, to show you something about the things that influence me and to explain something of my thought processes.

Almost always my jewelry has its roots in images from Art-history, in particular I have focused on the Renaissance and Baroque- periods. However I am not copying the items in the paintings or sculptures but I translate these images into my own contemporary context. It is important to me that my jewelry reveals this interaction between the past and the present. In this lecture I will show not only examples of my own work, but also examples of my sources of inspiration.

a necklace called "Venetie", 2006.
Materials: glass, linen and silver.
Length: 70 cm
Evert Nijland

1971 Oldenzaal, The Netherlands
teaches at Gerrit Rietveld Academie

1989-1995 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
Free direction, Jewellery departement
1996- 1997 Sandberginstituut, Amsterdam
2nd phase applied arts

1997 Galerie Louise Smit ‘Pendants’, Amsterdam, NL
1998 Galerie Louise Smit ‘KunstRAI’, Amsterdam, NL
2000 Galerie Louise Smit ‘Fragmenten’, Amsterdam, NL
2002 Galerie Louise Smit ‘Ode aan Cranach’, Amsterdam, NL
2004 KunstRAI ‘Guirlandes’, Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam, NL
2004 Cranach-Haus ‘Ode an Cranach’, Wittenberg, DE
2006 Galerie Louise Smit, Venezia, Amsterdam, NL

2000 Nederlands Textielmuseum, Tilburg, NL
2002 Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim, D
2004 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
2005 Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Private collections in NL, F, I, D, UK, USA