Operationen und Kooperationen

39. Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof
Donnerstag, 15.6. bis Sonntag, 18.6.2006

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Susan Pietzsch is working as a jeweller, artist and curator. She started to exhibit her jewellery work in 1997, featuring wearable jewellery pieces. In parallel with this she started working with autonomous objects, independent from the body, presented as an installation where the adorning aspect steps back in favour of an artistic statement.
She founded Schmuck2 in 1997 and since then has installed a continuous international exhibition programme. She has worked in different collaborations, as Schmuck2 focus on unusual, diverse takes on the themes of "Jewellery", combining different cultural backgrounds such as artists, designers and art-theorists. Her projects shape a multi-faceted image for contemporary styles of jewellery, using unconventional concepts that move between fine and applied arts.
Schmuck2 did cooperate a.d. with the International Artist House "Mecklenburgisches Künstlerhaus Schloß Plüschow", Citygallery Kiel "Stadtgalerie Kiel", Hiko Mizuno College Tokio/ Japan, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto/ Japan, as well as with "mima" - Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art/ Middlesbrough, UK and Craft in Dialogue, Stockholm/ Sweden.


Vortrag am Freitag, 16.6.
from the project "WRAPPINGHOOD" 2005 in cooperation with "mima" - Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art/ UK