Operationen und Kooperationen

39. Schmucksymposium Zimmerhof
Donnerstag, 15.6. bis Sonntag, 18.6.2006

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Monica Gaspar, Barcelona

Friends? Cooperations and other Myths,

(Vortrag am Samstag, 17.6., 14.30 Uhr)

Mònica Gaspar.

Art and design historian and free-lance curator. Lectures and writings on jewellery and other artefacts in their position between art and design at several schools and institutions in Europe. Curator of the exhibition Nomad Room. (Design Museum, CCB, Lisbon, 2005) and Inner Luxury. International Contemporary Jewellery (Caixaforum, Barcelona, 2003) among others. In 2001 she recieved the Design Award Premi Ciutat de Barcelona. She is a member of the AICA (Association Internationale de Critiques d’Art) and the association Think Tank (European Initiative for the Applied Arts). She is also a member of FAD (Fostering of Arts and Design), where she also holds the post of vice-president of the jewellery association OrfebresFAD.

Curator at work.

Gather objects and impressions

Harvest thoughts

Share them with others

Desirable symbiosis between artists, curators and audience...

Fruits for cooperation in the microclima of international creativity